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Support, Service and Relationships
 Real Estate professionals are in the business of service and expertise. Here at ResReal Designs we want to build a long lasting relationship that will help you expand both your service and expertise for all your client needs. From Inspections to Marketing to Drawings and Variances we are your source of expertise.
Marketing Support Services

Let’s face it first impressions mean everything!

In today’s real estate market prospective buyers will have a digital first impression of your listing before ever stepping into a home.

Here at ResReal we have the expertise to help sophisticate your online marketing materials so the prospective buyers are even more attracted to see your listings.

We will provide you with floor plans, renderings, virtual staging of rooms, and even virtual renderings of homes on a vacant lot. These materials will not only attract prospective buyers to all your listing but will help create that best first impression. Most of all it leaves no question to your clients that you are providing them with superior professional real estate services.


Floor Plans

Here at ResReal Designs ResReal let us document your floor plan layout for all your listings. We will survey the property and provide you with both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional drawings that will showcase the property layout. This is very useful in marketing your property to its fullest potential.



Inspection Services

We go above and beyond with superior qualifications and overall superior service when providing an inspection of your property. At ResReal a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) will be perform the inspection. We will inspect the property from top to bottom including but not limited to a thorough inspection of all structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems and provide a comprehensive report.


Let’s face it sometimes the potential for what something can be is more enticing for your potential buyers that what is currently is. Whether it is a dingy basement, empty bonus room, or outdated kitchen R&R has the ability to virtually produce renderings of any space to showcase the hidden potential of any space.

Virtual Staging

Vacant Listing? Vacant Lot? No problem! Actual staging can cost thousands of dollars, at R&R we can make the emptiest of rooms look vibrant and enticing to showcase all the potential the property truly has at a fraction of the cost of traditional staging. With a photograph of the existing space and top of the line software programs we will add excitement to all of your listings.



Drawings & Permits

ResReal Designs is a fully licensed architectural and engineering company and we can stamp and seal all our drawings for proper permitting with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We offer services to submit permit application on behalf of owners/contractors or we can provide you with the proper documentation and plans to fulfill your own permitting process.

New Building Footprint = New Site Plan

If you change the structure, footprint, or hard scape of your property in anyway then what is documented on the current survey with the local officials, you will be required to have a new site plan . The new site plan would be required to amend the existing property survey.  Whether it is a new porch, deck, driveway, basketball, court or new wing of your house. ResReal can help document this information for proper filing.


Site Plans, Undocumented Structures

Do you have a property survey that is outdated, unclear or has misinformed information? Are you trying to buy or sell a property that has undocumented structures? At ResReal we can produce proper plans to document structures and setbacks that are required by the AHJ. It is vital to have the appropriate drawings and documentations for all of your properties. You will be required to have this proper documentation of your property if you were to ever sell your property.


We understand there are unique circumstance where the letter of the building code or local code requirements may be impractical to follow to the letter of the code. At ResReal we are happy to support you in pursuing reasonable variances that are likely to be accepted by the local authorities. Variances require that the proper drawings,  documentation, and references  be presented to the local authorities for final approval. R&R can help with this process every step of the way.