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Design Services

New Construction Plans

At ResReal Designs we are fully licensed to design, produce and certify the plans for any new commercial or residential construction project. If your putting a new house on bare plot of land, or you’re demolishing an existing structure to build new ResReal will provide the necessary plans for your dream project.

Exterior Upgrades

Looking to create additional usable space? Anything from decks to porches to porte cocheres we can produce the proper plans and documentation to not only have it built, but we can provide the necessary site plans to have it appropriately documented with your local officials.

Whole House Architectural plans created for Westchester County for ResReal Designs and John Scavelli, Porticos, dormer, decks and renovation plans
Additions & Alterations

Whether you are looking to add square footage or rearrange your current footprint, ResReal will help every step of the way and ultimately provide the set of plans necessary to make the project happen. You may want to add that new extension for the in-laws, remove walls to achieve that open concept kitchen, or build the garage and workshop of your dreams all of which we have the expertise and credentials to move the project forward.

Dream Rooms

Have a crazy idea for the remodeling of a space?
Or do you have special requirements for someone with special needs? From bedrooms, to offices, to wheelchair ramps there is not space we can not help you design


Are you looking to update, renovate, or build from scratch your dream kitchen or bathroom? Have lofty ideas and not sure where to start? Dark cabinets or light cabinets, wood floors or tile floors, walk in shower or jacuzzi tub? ResReal Designs will support you through this process and ultimately provide you with the plans and documentation so that room of your dreams can be built as you imagined. We can virtually walk through all of these decisions so you can make the best and final decisions with no regrets. Updating your kitchen or bathroom can be a major financial investment and with proper prior planning, this will save you time, money and most of all turn your dream space into a reality.

There are a tremendous amount of choices and decisions to be made when designing any kitchen or bathroom.

What cabinet sizes, appliances, hardware, fixtures, lighting, plumbing service, electrical locations etc. All of which need to be considered and integrated for a fully functional and pleasing space. When designing your space we will work side by side with you to work through all the details and questions you may have. We will follow the following 3-Step process:

3- Step Process
1. Functionality- Layout, Fixture Locations, Cabinet Locations, Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting
2. Aesthetics- Colors, Materials, Finishes
3. Documentation- 2-Dimensional Plans, 3-Dimensional Views, and Visualizations

Exterior Design

From windows to doors to sidings and anywhere in between ResReal Designs will plan and walk you through to your ideal exterior renovation project. We will fine tune the design so that you can evaluate the right dimensions, aesthetics and budget for your exterior renovation. Exterior home renovations are typically labor intensive and expensive, it is certainly worth while to evaluate all your options for an exterior upgrade before formally diving into a project. At ResReal we can help evaluate your options to develop the ideal plan for your exterior upgrades. We will virtually develop the different options for you to ultimately make the best and most informed decision. An exterior renovation is a worthwhile investment as it not only will install a sense of pride as you walk into your home everyday but it will also add equity to your current home value.


You owe it to yourself to design your living arrangements exactly as you please. ResReal Designs can help you layout, design and choose the best use of your current spaces. Whether it is a new home, office, commercial space or apartment we can design any space to fit your needs. With our services, you can evaluate options and see your spaces virtually to make the most informed decision. Without shuffling around furniture, decor and equipment we can provide you with a blank slate for the perfect layout. At the end of the day whether it is your business or your home the layout of your spaces helps organize you and your life.

As-built drawings

Are you looking for proper architectural drawings for your home so you can begin space planning, furniture layouts or future renovations? Or maybe you have a current business that is cramped with equipment, fixtures or the space can be used more efficiently. Not all homes or buildings have proper architectural drawings let ResReal Designs survey your existing space and provide you with an As-Built set of drawings documenting your current spaces. This can be incredibly useful to start evaluating the best and most effective use of your current spaces.

Architectural plans for building department permits and your renovation

Permits, Site plans, & Variances

Drawings & Permits

ResReal Designs is a fully licensed architectural and engineering company and we can stamp and seal all our drawings for proper permitting with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We offer services to submit permit application on behalf of owners/contractors or we can provide you with the proper documentation and plans to fulfill your own permitting process.

New Building Footprint = New Site Plan

If you change the structure, footprint, or hard scape of your property in anyway then what is documented on the current survey with the local officials, you will be required to have a new site plan . The new site plan would be required to amend the existing property survey. Whether it is a new porch, deck, driveway, basketball, court or new wing of your house. ResReal can help document this information for proper filing.

Site Plans & Undocumented Structures

Do you have a property survey that is outdated, unclear or has misinformed information? Are you trying to buy or sell a property that has undocumented structures? At ResReal we can produce proper plans to document structures and setbacks that are required by the AHJ. It is vital to have the appropriate drawings and documentations for all of your properties. You will be required to have this proper documentation of your property if you were to ever sell your property.


We understand there are unique circumstance where the letter of the building code or local code requirements may be impractical to follow to the letter of the code. At ResReal we are happy to support you in pursuing reasonable variances that are likely to be accepted by the local authorities. Variances require that the proper drawings,  documentation, and references  be presented to the local authorities for final approval. R&R can help with this process every step of the way.