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Engineering Plan Projects

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A great way to revive an older home is to simply open the floor plan and remove walls.  Here we create more open space in an older home making it as good as brand new both inside and out. This home received an entire make-over with renovations to the kitchen, baths and attic. As structural […]


The exceptional skills of our design team are best exemplified on luxury homes and private estates. This was one of our best design projects in which we provided our architectural and engineering services. We worked directly with the home-owners to capture their vision of their aging estate home. Walls were taken down to open up space […]


The back room in this house was renovated to accommodate a new recreational family space. Choosing a room with a high ceiling and the possibility for plenty of natural lighting was key in this design. Natural lighting was brought into this design with additional large windows. Particular to this layout is the half- wall to […]


An easy way to recapture unused space in your home is with an attic or basement renovation project. Here we added additional sky lighting and we worked with the structure of the rafters to maintain an open and airy high ceiling bedroom. Attic and basement renovations require special attention be given to the structural components […]

Give Your Home an Exterior Renovation

Exterior updates are the best way to feel like you are walking into a new home. The design possibilities are endless; update the roof line and trimming, incorporate an entirely new window style, re-design the entryway or construct a new porch or portico. Our team of professionals can provide you with the architectural and structural […]

Design Your Dream Home

We offer full design services for any new home construction. We help home-owners and contractors design new homes from the foundation up to the roof on any single-family home, multi-family home, apartment complex or a subdivision with multiple homes. We offer three-dimensional visuals and clients can virtually walk through each room of the house. It […]

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How to Really Use the Second Level of Your Home

Second story expansion is where we get some of our most interesting and forwarding thinking ideas from the home-owners we work with. With big visions these home-owners realize they can make their current home into their dream home with a second story expansion or renovation. A second story expansion or renovation requires interior and exterior […]


One of our most popular home renovations strategies is to remove unwanted walls. This simple, yet effective modification entirely transforms the layout of your home. Often clients want to open up the dining room and kitchen or connect the dining space with the living room. Our design team ensures that removing walls is structural sound […]

Great Deck Designing

Looking to update, renovate or build a new deck or front porch? We invite you to contact our team of licensed design professionals to create the certified drawings needed for construction. We can even assist with the permitting process. We service contractors, home-owners and realtors in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland and Orange County, NY and […]

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Commercial Clients Envision their Ideal Office Layout

Commercial clients seeking to renovate, build or upgrade their professional space are able to envision their office beforehand. Our design process includes three-dimensional CAD drawings that are easy for clients to understand. While we provide your contractors the technical architectural and engineering drawings they need, we provide clients with easy visuals. Commercial clients enjoy working […]

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