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Contractor Support Services

Materials, labor, scheduling, safety, weather, sub-contractors, deliveries, indecisive clients the list goes on and on…. At ResReal Designs we understand there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a successful construction project no matter how small or how large. At the end of the day you want to provide your clients with overall satisfaction and deliver to them a complete project that exceeds their expectations. The key to success and satisfaction is client expectations. We partner with contractors to walk through with your clients the necessary prior proper planning that is required to ensure a project is successful. Before you touch a hammer, we will walk through all the necessary decision making and prepare the proper plans, 3-D visualizations and discuss all the options with your clients so when your crew is ready to work there is no questions as to the scope of work required.

RR build presentation prepared for contractors by an architect of addition and renovation.

Design Build Partnerships

Are you looking to expand your company services to offer Design-Build solutions? ResReal is proud to partner up with you.  By partnering with ResReal you can now offer your clients the full spectrum of services from designing, to permitting, through to construction. We can customize drawings to be seamlessly presented by your company for you to expand  your Design-Build Services.

Drawings & permits

ResReal Designs is a fully licensed architectural and engineering company and we can stamp and seal all our drawings for proper permitting with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We offer services to submit permit application on behalf of owners/contractors or we can provide you with the proper documentation and plans to fulfill your own permitting process.

Save Time, Save Money

Lets us plan while you build. Scheduling is so important to a successful contracting business but ResReal understands that a variety of site issues come up each and every day on the job. Instead of delaying your next job, let ResReal help. We will plan and document your next project, while you’re finishing your current project! Your customers will have a more fulfilled sense of service and the requirements of your project will be clearly defined in set of plans.