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  “Creating open expanses and large light opportunities, is the epitome of American architecture… and the fundamentals incorporated into our every design endeavor.”

  – John Scavelli

Office History

Creating ‘Recreational Living’ is our specialty. Taking formal areas and modernizing them to blowing out walls, adding dormers and large windows to create today’s high lit and fresh lifestyle culture.

We provide Architectural, Engineering and Inspections services with a focus on residential properties. We specialize in architectural details such as porticos, dormers, vaulted decorative ceilings, faceted bay windows, great rooms, dining/kitchen large spaces, worked in renovations of homes and new builds.

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Design Philosophy

Creating ‘Recreational Living’ is our specialty. Taking formal areas and modernizing them to blowing out walls, adding dormers and large windows to create today’s high lit and fresh lifestyle culture.

Licensed  |  Awarded


Mr. John Scavelli, our founder, spent his youth earning multiple degrees in architectural engineering and practiced in sought-after design firms. Now, he spends his days working to support his clients through successful design and construction projects.

John’s drive to study the inner working of the architectural and construction industry along with his desire to serve others in achieving their dreams has led to the conception of the firm known today as ResReal Designs. Now, he trains others, while providing dedicated design services for new construction, additions, alterations, facade renovations, decks, attics and anything in between. He loves his work and enjoys servicing his neighbors throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties.

Mr. Scavelli, saw the need for a firm which focuses on architectural and engineering principles to convert client dreams into realities when it comes to residential design and construction. Walking clients through renovations and new construction before one hammer is ever lifted is a service every property owner needs for a successful construction project.


  • Masters Degree of Architectural Engineering Degree at The Pennsylvania State University
  • Bachelors Degree of Architectural Engineering Degree at The Pennsylvania State University
  • Licensure in the State of New York
  • Licensure in the State of Connecticut


Site & Context

Where a structure is positioned on a property is a major factor in designing renovations, window placements, second story additions, and front facade changes.  More light is always a positive.  It is for better cooking areas or to welcome visitors in a more inviting front entrance.  The context — or purpose — is the leading consideration when adding on to an existing structure.  We at ResReal, ask the questions to get those answer where your emotion lies — and design the your intentions first.


Light is a major factor of all our design work. More natural light, to vaulted ceiling designs with indirect light, both add to a property the the dream home qualities. When these more modern design approaches to living help you stay in a home you can afford, you get the best of all worlds, your dream home and the security of knowing it is within your living expenses.

Attic Renovations

Image – Curb Appeal

Having partnered with multiple Real Estate Agencies, at various times in our professional years, ResReal Designs understands the importance of ‘Curb Appeal’.  We integrate into all design work aspects in which to increase the value of a home exponentially.  Using our in-depth knowledge of engineering, we sculpt out a facade addition, third floor or new west wing, in a way that creates a unified visual wholeness as if the home or business office had been architect-ed completely that way from the beginning.

Contact us today to see how ResReal can renovate your home of office for a ‘Brand New Building’ appearance.


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