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3 Reasons to Hire a Structural Engineer

A structural Engineer can cost the same as an inspector.  Get a bigger bang for your buck, hire the former.

  1. To get a full understanding of what is failing inspection, how to fix it, and the cost if you are selling a house. Know the difference between a Structural Engineer vs. a Home Inspector.  The inspector is a generalist that looks for signs of problems. When inspectors find these signs they suggest you get a specialist to check out the problem.  A structural engineer will be able to create instruction or plans (if needed) to fix and cost out a repair say in a foundation.  The cost investment  of hiring a certified structural engineer may be well worth it.
  2. When you are buying an older home or new construction, a professional structural home inspection is an absolute necessity. Here is when a structural engineer can give an inspection to deem the home safe, and/or advise actions to take, with cost estimates and real solutions you can implement with a contractor.
  3. When their on slants on a home’s floors or stairs. In most cases a home inspector will advise you to seek the advise of a licensed structural inspection is these circumstances.

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